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  The Diary of Anne Frank

  After reading The Diary of Anne Frank, I was deep in thought with a heavy heart. I was shocked not only by the atrocity of Nazis but also by Anne’s intelligence and the rich resources of her inner life. Anne Frank ‘s wish –“I want to go on living even after my death.” Luckily, her dream was achieved. Her voice was preserved. A great number of people read the diary, entering her true world with her.

  In the book, Anne Frank was a Jewish girl. She has could be ordinary girl, living a happy life, but she had to hide herself with her family at a small attic. Anne hided at the little dark attic all day to escape the Nazi's killing. She could not get close to nature, can not make friends like before play. In the shadow of the death, Anne could only keep a diary to get through tough every day. For her, the diary is her best friend, her only friend who can rely on and talk. She wrote in her diary a lot, there are silent on the racial discrimination complaint, more of the outside world, the natural yearning for thinking about life.

  1,About The Diary of Anne Frank, war and peace are the leading topic we talked about all the time. For most people, we all felt leaden. We can’t imagine how we live to hide at a small attic. And at long day, they must be pretty quiet and even a little noise was forbidden. In addition, windows were just at there, but they couldn’t open the curtains to look outside and breathe fresh air. they must observe the orders every day : no taps to be turned on;therefore, no washing, silence, everything to be finished by eight o’clock and no lavatory. If we were them, we would have gotten crazy. In the book, a detail was impressive. When the families were going to move the new shelter, they did a lot of preparing work. They put on heaps of clothes as if they were going to the North Pole. For example, Anne, she had on two vests, there pairs of pants, a dress, on top of that a skirt, jacket, summer coat, two pairs of stocking, lace-up shoes, woolly cap, scarf ,and still more. She was nearly stifled but no one inquired about that. Everyone was busy at their own business. They had no time to care others. Only from the detail, we could find out the difficult circumvents. Jew at that situation wouldn’t have dreamed of going out with a suitcase full of clothing. If not, the Jew must want to end up his life or be foolish. In order to take the clothing as much as they could, there was no choice. For keeping living, it was only a little challenge. For continuing to stay at the world, nothing can not be overcome. Only a little hope, they tried to catch it. Except the tough living condition, they were all at the fear that they might be found out and they are forced to afford air attack now and then. Anne in her diary wrote, “We had a short circuit last evening, and on top of that the guns kept banging away all the time. I still haven’t got over my fear of everything connected with shooting and planes, and I creep into Daddy’s bed nearly every night for comfort.’ And the Mrs. Van Daan was nearly crying and said in a very timid little voice. Even as a adult, she still couldn’t stop expressing her dear. As a matter of fact, everybody were afraid that their only shelter was spotted. At another air attack, Anne said she clasped her “escape bag” close to me, more because she wanted to have something to hold than with an idea of escaping, because there was nowhere we can go. If ever they come to the extremity of fleeing home here, the street would be just as dangerous as an air raid. In general, facing the danger, we always make some treasures to save ourselves .But for them there was nothing they could do. They can only stayed at the shaking house, praying for God and fortune blessing them. It is a painful process both at physiology and psychology. However, if they had known the tragic ending, they would have done the same thing for surviving.(At the second point, I will put my own views.)

  We are all known the Hitler’s violence, and the heavier was nearly abnormal. Anne said,” I’ve only got dismal and depressing news for you today. Our many Jewish friends are being taken away by the dozen. These people are treated by the Gestapo without a shred of decency, being loaded into cattle trucks and sent to Westerbork, the big Jewish camp in Drente. Westerbork sounds terrible: only one washing cubicle for a hundred people and not nearly enough lavatories.” We don’t experience it, so it’s really beyond our imagination. Like this, we always associate Nanjing massacre in China. So much atrocity happened. It was indelible shadow for sufferers.

  However, kindness and humanism still exit. In the book, Elli and Miep helped the Anne’s family. They collected their rations for them and sent information. At the troublous surroundings, most people believe “the less trouble the better“。 But some others thought they should try their best to save Jews. Although many Jews were caught, saving a person even one was better. In the book, when Dussel, a new number came to the attic, they were all willing to welcome him. Anne’s father said” If we can save someone, then everything else is of secondary importance.” We must know the famous movie Schindler’s List. At first, Schindler was only a merchant who want to profit from the war. But at the ending, he changed his mind and save Jews. He would rather help others r than making money. It’s original humanity that makes he do it.

  2.A man without spirit world hardly live. Two families came to the small house. They couldn’t do anything at day. So doing reading was the best choice for them. In book, Anne said, “Mr. Koophuis brings a few special books for me every other week. I’m thrilled with the Joop ter Heul series. I’ve enjoyed the whole of Cissy van Marxveldt very much. And I’ ve read Een Zomerzotheid four times and I still laugh about some of the ludicrous situations that arise.” She read many books to rich her life. In fact, reading is enjoyful and good for many aspects. If they couldn’t do reading, they can also pass the time in all sorts of crazy ways: asking riddles, physical training in the dark , talking English and French, criticizing books, peering through a powerful pair of field glasses into the lighted rooms of the house at the back Something we thought boring in general may be interesting sometimes. What’s more, the diary, called Kitty, was the best gift for the whole of Anne’s life. It was given by her father. He wanted Anne to be a thoughtful girl and rich the daily life. Actually the diary was not only a notebook but also a kind of spiritual sustenance. Anne’s diary is an appropriate monument to her fine spirit and to the spirits of those who have worked and are working still for peace. At the above, I put forward a question:if they had known the tragic ending, they would have done the same thing for surviving. In my opinion, they would still do the same thing. They were a kind of group who wouldn’t abandon their lives easily. Only the tragic ending didn’t come, did they believe there was a little hope.

  3.Anne is a distinctive girl. She had her own mind. Maybe in the views of others, she is a naughty girl. Especially, she has a quiet sister. Comparing with Margot, she was not favorable. At the beginning, her general appearance, her character, her manners were discussed from A to Z. But with the time going by, she were becoming sensible. One must apply one’s reason to everything, earning to obey, to hold our tongue, to help, to be good, to give in. Life has the great power to change us to adapt it. In addition, Anne started afresh and tried to get to the bottom of it all. As she said, we should examine the whole matter carefully ourselves and find out what is true and what is exaggerated. In our daily life, we often meet arguments with parents. We can stick to the Anne’s principle. If parents are wrong, we shall try first of all to make them alter their ideas and if we don’t succeed we shall stick to our own opinions and judgement. Although she lived in a small room, she still had a brightful heart. She believed that it was spiring within her, she felt that spring was awaking, she felt it in her whole body and soul. And in the book, she wrote and thought much of the time about things which very sensitive. For example, she described a lot about the affair with Peter. It’s normal for a teenager. (www.9xwang.com)I think parents should read this book, so they can regard this question correctly.

  Anne said, “One certainly could not call us rich now, but all my hopes are pinned on after the war.” Now we are in the peaceful world, hope is full of our life. So there is no reason putting off achieving dreams, we should treasure everyone, everything, every moment that we have.


  as a student,i think anne is a optimistic girl.although she had gone through many difficults,she never gives up.she was so lonely after being in the hiding place.but she still tried to be a friend with her diary.everytime when i read anne's diary,i always moved by anne.she is a brave girl,she never be afraid of the Nazis. i hope i can keep the spirit of optimism when i face the disaster just like anne.

  from anne'sdiary,i think that we have to be optimistic to the life.

  it's all

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